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Or rather: about me...

...because I do everything myself :-)

Alex Imdahl Forged Carbon Shop

(Yes, this is a picture from my wedding :-)

I'm Alex from Heidelberg and I designed the concept for this shop, the brand, the products and everything that goes with it myself out of love for the material carbon and am therefore your personal contact for all questions and not just any chatbot or call center employee :-)

To be more precise, I was fascinated by a special type of carbon, Forged Carbon (also called forged composite), and in the future I will be offering other products made of forged carbon in addition to the Forged Carbon WalletForged Carbon AirPods Pro Case und Forged Carbon Key Case. The latest product news are protective Smartphone covers for the Apple iPhone 14 and Samsung S23

Products made of classic braided/woven carbon are now available almost everywhere and in countless variations, but not made of forged carbon.
This is also the reason for my second product, an elegant Forged Carbon Key Organizer, which is currently in the early development phase. I just couldn't find one in my research that matches what I had in mind, so I'm just designing it myself now!

I came into contact with carbon when I was still at school, when I was still actively involved in mountain bike fourcross and downhill races, because there was and is simply no alternative to carbon for consistent lightweight construction with simultaneous stability .
In the meantime, I only do the sport in my free time, but you can find carbon everywhere with me these days - in the car, in the kitchen, on the desk and of course on accessories such as wallets, keys, AirPods etc.

As a small startup, I have many options in terms of what I want to develop and I am therefore always happy to receive feedback, product requests, cooperations or inquiries from influencers . I also already have a reseller/recommendation program in mind.

Since I haven't been 'around' for long, things will definitely not go as planned from time to time, but rest assured, it is very important to me that you, as my customers, are 100% satisfied ! So if something isn't what you expected, please let me know! I will do everything to solve your request promptly!

And since our environment is also important to me, I try to avoid plastic wherever possible and use fully recyclable materials. Starting with the paper packaging and filling material, through the shipping carton to the shipping labels and climate-neutral shipping!

Best regards


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